Friday, 19 August 2011

Life In Nairobi, Kenya

Day 1.

Woke up bright an early at 6am to receive breakfast in the YMCA International Youth Hostel, Nairobi.

Had a shower and headed out to run a few errands concerning Dadaab and the UNHCR. Got dropped of in Nairobi's Central Business District to find a buzz of market stalls, cafe's and street tourist gatherers trying to lour people into buying souvenirs. Gifts, such as beaded African necklace's and everything Kenyan you can find.

I walked through the town to find a private but small African market shop where the shop owner collects African crafts from three different countries including Sudan, Ethiopia and all around Kenya. I photographed and came back with a few images to send in.

I decided to take an hours walk up to my hostel to find a few street children on a bridge overlooking the city. You could smell, see and hear that they were homeless. I photographed them and they were happy for there picture to be taken.

Got back safely and filed. Top 5 are pictured below. Enjoy NB: Just warming up.....


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